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Dated: 07/14/2014

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Want to have a new family adventure? Round up the entire family and head out to SkyZone. Those who want to jump at Sky Zone must purchase the $2 slip-grip "SkySocks" — they aren't permitted to set foot on the trampolines without them. Together you can all bounce around in identical your orange “SkySocks” and have a blast.

The concept of sporty amusement is really taking hold on the East Coast.  The first facility opened about a year and a half ago.  Trampoline parks are becoming very trendy in New Jersey. You can have an outing just for the fun of it or even have a bouncy birthday party.  These parks are fun for kids but also attract the “big” kids with activities like dodgeball, basketball and aerobics. The trampoline basketball has courts made completely of trampolines with sloped trampoline walls. There is even a pit stuffed with chunky foam blocks that all customers – even the adults – can dive into with the help of a trampoline.
All jumpers and their parents (those under 18) must sign a waiver at the entrance.  In addition to notifying customers they are responsible for any medical treatment from jump injuries, the waiver also advises jumpers that broken bones, sprained or torn ligaments, paralysis and even death are risks you take when you decide to bounce.
The price of admission is determined by the amount of time you want to jump. The rate is $10 per half hour.
Here is the website for in case you want to get more bounce information.  The telephone number is 856-235-4411.  
It is summer time.  Try something new and different.
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