Tips For Surviving The Summer Road Trip

Dated: 06/14/2016

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Those dog days of summer are almost upon us! With many of our kids being released from school for the summer, we immerse ourselves in visions and plans of quality family time during this break.

AAA estimates that Americans have saved more than $15 billion on gas so far this year compared to the same period in 2015, and prices are at the lowest levels in 11 years. The strong labor market and rising personal income are also motivating people to travel during the 2016 summer.

You can probably hear it already: kids yelling and crying, fighting over what to listen to, what to watch and which toy or food is "MINE!" Sometimes a picnic is no picnic, and when you are taking a road trip on summer vacation, squabbling, screaming kids can get your vacation off to a really bad start.

But can you imagine a ride where everyone is laughing, talking or quietly enjoying the drive? It can happen! Just follow these tips for surviving the summer road trip.

Pack Plenty of Goodies

First and foremost, pack plenty of goodies. Stopping to eat can hurt your drive time and your budget. Pack healthier snacks like apples, oranges and grapes, but also individual snack packs, like one with a sandwich, chips and cookies. That way there's no fighting over food; everyone has their own pack.

Pop in a Movie

How long will your drive take? Two hours? Ten hours? Thank heavens for modern technology! Even if you don't have a drop-down screen in your car, just bring your tablet or iPhone and log in to your Hulu or Netflix account to quiet down the kids. Try to pick a movie or show they want to see but haven't yet seen so they pay attention. To even further the peace, earbuds or headphones can be a lifesaver on a long trip. Everyone (except the driver) can enjoy their own entertainment.

Come Up With Road Games

Road Games is a fun diversion and gets everyone involved. There are some good ones like picking out different state license plates, playing the alphabet game by finding each letter with a word beginning in such on road signs, singing show tunes, to name a few. Also, taking the scenic route can be fun as well as educational for the whole family.

Make Time for Breaks

Make sure to take regular potty breaks. It helps the kids not to get too antsy and by planning well at paced intervals it gives everyone a much needed break to get out and stretch their legs a bit.

On-the-Road Safety Tips Checklist
Finally, before you take off, remember your safety checklist. This will help you avoid a total disaster when trouble arises. Mark these off first:

  • Pack an emergency roadside kit.

  • Make sure your road assistance plan is up to date.

  • Check your spare tire.

  • Check your oil and other fluids.

  • Assemble a first aid kit to keep in the car.

  • Don't forget to bring your phone charger.

  • Always carry extra cash.

One More Thing….

2016 marks the 100 year anniversary of our National Park system. Almost everywhere you travel you will have access to one or more of these beautiful parks. If you haven’t buttoned up your summer plans a great idea would be to make an itinerary where you can visit several of these on one journey.

National parks are America’s Best Idea, and there are more than 400 parks availableto everyone, every day. The fee-free days provide a great opportunity to visit a new place or an old favorite, especially one of the 127 national parks that normally charge an entrance fee. The others are free all of the time. Plan your visit and enjoy our country’s history and nature.

The fee waiver includes entrance fees, commercial tour fees, and transportation entrance fees. Other fees such as reservation, camping, tours, concession and fees collected by third parties are not included unless stated otherwise.

Fee-free days make parks accessible to more people. However, national parks are always economical, with entrance fees that range from $3 to $30. In addition, any fourth grade student can get a free annual pass through the Every Kid in a Park program, and active duty military and citizens with a permanent disability can also get free passes. For more information about the variety of discounted passes available, please visit the America the Beautiful National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass page.

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