Single Stream Recycling Is Coming To South Jersey And That Is A Good Thing

Dated: 10/03/2013

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When the single stream recycling comes to Burlington County in May of 2014, most residents will be able to put all recyclables (cans, bottles, cardboard and paper) in that one big blue cart that is now used of paper and cardboard only.  Once the single stream recycling starts, it will be collected every other week.  Single stream is convenient and it also increases recycling volume and saves money.  

There are many good things about recycling.  Here are just a few:
  • Savings Potential – Recycling helps save money by diverting solid waste from the regular garbage collection.  Landfill fees are a huge expense for many communities that are usually absorbed by local budgets.  Recycling is not just saving materials from landfills; it is also saving expenses and resources for the communities that participate.   
  • Earning Potential – One great incentive for communities that recycle en mass is the current market value of recycled or recyclable materials.  There are growing opportunities for communities to earn money by selling their recyclables or their already recycled materials.  Manufacturers and processors will purchase them so that they can make their new products for less money than with using virgin materials.  Recycling becomes a real win-win, communities earn money and companies save money.
  • Creates Green Jobs – Recycling has become a major industry that is a lot more than just your average curbside pickup program.  The green job potential grows exponentially as more and more communities invest in their own recycling efforts.  Once the recyclable materials are collected, they usually require processing to transform them into the valuable material that can be reused.  After that, the refined materials are manufactured into new products.  None of this can happen without businesses and employees to collect, transport, process and manufacture the recovered materials.  It is easy to see how the potential of green jobs adds up when put in the context of the numerous types of materials collected such as glass, plastics, paper and metal.   
  • Reduces Community Impact – Communities that recycle can make a big picture difference. Materials such as plastic bottles and aluminum are 100 percent recyclable, but unless they get collected, they cannot be recycled.  Recycling drastically reduces the amount of materials that end up in our waste stream. When a community reduces its impact on the environment, they are setting an example for other communities on a national and even a global level.  
  • Community Involvement/Outreach - Some national partnerships are being developed to assist local recycling initiatives, like the one between the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) and the Curbside Value Partnership (CVP).  Both organizations are coming together to get involved in assisting local communities with developing their curbside recycling programs. Implementing local recycling solutions can help communities develop communication, motivate local participation and help develop valuable partnerships on a local level. 
Our local recycling programs help everyone.  Get involved and do your part.    Check out my Facebook Page}
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