Outside Renovations That Bring The Best Return When Selling Your Home

Dated: 03/25/2016

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Last week we talked about sprucing up the outside of your home after along winter of snow and cold weather. Today we’re going to look at which renovations bring the best bang for your buck on the outside when selling. Curb appeal is so important when trying to draw buyers into your front door. Many lookers won’t even get out of the car if the outside looks unkept or tired and in need of some TLC. First impressions are paramount when putting your home on the market.


Painting the outside can cost from $5000 and upwards. But the result of a quicker sale can be well worth it. Yellow is the color that gives the best return. As Barbara Richardson, the director of color marketing for Glidden and a noted color-trend forecaster, explains, “Yellow is optimistic and inspirational. It gives people joy and the sense that brighter times are ahead.” Painting your home can make a dramatic change quickly and draw more buyers in from the outside.


Replacin gold siding with fiber-cement siding can recoup up to 88% of your investments. While vinyl can crack, split, and warp and aluminum tends to dent and fade, easy-care fiber cement holds up well against the elements and is resistant to fire, rotting, and termites.

Building a Deck

Decks are used for more than flipping burgers and hanging out. They can provide a transition from inside to outside and make your home feel larger with the added outdoor living space. The return on a typical deck can be as much as 85%. So add that deck now and enjoy it for afew seasons prior to putting your home on the market.

Replace Windows

If you have an older home and your windows are the originals to the house, consider replacing them with an upgraded wood or aluminum type. This is something many buyers are looking for when considering homes and if you have done this you can recoup most all of your investment. Not only will the potential buyers be happy to know that their energy costs will be reduced, they will, also be more than happy not to have to take on this daunting task.


As we discussed last week, Spring is upon us and now is the time to clean up after the winter months. Don’t forget to add mulch and annuals to your beds while doing this. Again, attractive curb appeal cannot be stressed enough when you have your home on the market! The win-win is that you can enjoy your efforts while you are still there!

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