Outdoor Staging Will Help You Sell Your Home

Dated: 05/11/2016

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When you are selling your home during the winter months there is not much you can do to highlight your outdoor spaces. But when the grass turns green and flowers are beginning to bloom take note to stage your outdoor spaces as they will very likely be the icing on the cake, so to speak, when buyers are viewing your home. Most buyers can’t envision themselves using the spaces outside their inside walls unless you take the time to help them “imagine” themselves in them.

It goes without saying that everything we use outdoors should be cleaned well after the winter plays havoc on them. That’s first and foremost the least you should do prior to putting your home on the market.

Patios should have a seating arrangement, and if space allows a table. You can dress up the area simply by using some colorful pillows, an outdoor rug; you could set the table with some summer-themed melamine plates. A great idea is to try and mimic your patio area to reflect the same decorating style that you enjoy indoors. For example, your interior has a French country look, do the same in the outdoor space. If you have any type of barbeque equipment, maybe layout some grilling utensils and drape a chef’s apron over the countertop nearby. You want to create an ambience that helps draw the conclusion, “I could entertain here.”

Another space you can help to paint a picture for your potential buyer is the playset area. It helps to imagine their own children using the area if you add some props. Maybe a baseball bat and ball or a soccer ball and portable goal. Depending on your space create some play stations. This will really be a hit if the kids happen to house hunting with their parents.

Near your flower beds you could place an Adirondack chair and place a hard covered book and maybe a pair of reading glasses on one of the arms. Another nice touch would be to drape a lightweight throw blanket across the chair. Who wouldn’t feel a bit of calm and serenity when their eyes find this venue? 

If you own a fire pit make sure that you have chairs surrounding it and lay a couple of marshmallow sticks out to help fuel the imagination.   

I suggest you work with what you have. In most cases you can use items you already own to make a huge impact on a buyer’s perspective. The main goal is to do everything you can to convey a sense of imagining living there.

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