March Is The Month To Prepare Your Lawn And Gardens For Spring

Dated: 03/16/2016

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With warmer temperatures and (hopefully) no snow on the lawn and gardens now is the time to begin getting them into shape for the upcoming growing season. Not to mention that with the extra hour of daylight due to daylight savings time no excuses! Keep reading to see what suggestions I come up with to help you prepare to enjoy your outdoor areas in the warm months ahead.

First Things First

Remove all protective coverings and winter mulch. This will allow your shrubs and trees to breathe again after a dormant winter season.Prune all trees and shrubs. There are a few exceptions to this:

    It is best to wait until after the spring flowers bloom on shrubs so that you don’t cut off any limbs that provide flowering or fruit formation.

    Walnut,Maple, and Birch trees are best pruned after leafing.

Examine your property for any fungus or moss that might have developed during the winter thaw process. During this time prime conditions exist for the growth of lawn diseases. If you think that your lawn may be diseased it is prudent to contact a lawn care company to assess and alleviate the problem prior to spring coming on full force.

Test your soil for pH in March. This will guide you if you need to make any changes in your traditional lawn care. New Jersey is naturally acidic, so this is an important step every early spring season.

Take care to clean up any remaining winter debris and do your best to remove any thatch buildup. Aerating the lawn will assist with thatch removal. This process also helps tremendously with soil compaction,which when done helps greatly with water and air penetration in the soil.

Using an organic fertilizer is deemed best for your spring feeding. Don’t do any reseeding prior to laying down your fertilizer. There are many lawn care companies that can be hired to customize your specific outdoor needs, if you need help with this task.


If you plan on transplanting any trees or shrubs make sure it is done prior to the plants budding.

March is the absolute best month to plant fruit trees, berries, rosebushes, and other deciduous plants.

You may decide to start planting your annuals that do well in cooler weather. These would include snapdragons, calendulas, and pansies. Avisit to your local nursery will help you decide which of these early annuals you will most enjoy as we move towards the warmer weather of summer.

Next week I will share some ideas of how to renovate areas of your property to gain the most return from if and when you decide to put your house on the market. Please stay tuned!

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