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Dated: 06/12/2014

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The link below will show you many of the JUST LISTED homes in the area.   There are homes available in many areas and in many price ranges.  These homes are located in places like Moorestown, Mount Laurel, Cherry Hill, Marlton, and Riverside.  

Click here to see the JUST LISTED homes in the area.
Now is a great time to buy a home.  Interest rates are low and there is money out there available to borrowers. This time of year is traditionally a busy time with families making moves once school is out, so they can be moved and settled by the time school starts in late summer or very early fall.  The current inventory is low for this time of year but you can still find your dream home.
Owning a home is a great financial investment. You are investing in yourself and saving for your future by building equity in your home. Owning a home also means long-term tax savings. It is also a great accomplishment, something to be proud of.  There is nothing like that secure feeling of walking through the front door and knowing YOU ARE HOME.  Home is where you belong, where you live your life and were memories are made.
Thinking about buying?  Selling?   Call Sam Lepore today at 856.297.6827
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Sam Lepore

Sam Lepore is a Realtor with Keller Williams in Moorestown, NJ. Call him today at 856.297.6827 ....

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