7 South Jersey Open House Tips That Will Pull In Potential Buyers

Dated: 07/01/2015

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You’ve cleaned your home, and you’re maintaining it well. You’ve cleared the counters. The clutter is gone. You’ve listed your home in South Jersey, and you want it to sell. Why don’t you throw open your doors to potential buyers with an open house? And now the highly debatable question in the world of real estate pops up, “Is an open house worth your time?”

Since 92% of home buyers use the internet in some way when searching for a home, many wonder if an open house in South Jersey provides any real value to the seller. Others believe an open house helps the seller sell their home and helps an agent develop a relationship with the seller. In some places it has been reported that four out of every seven homes sold were bought by buyers who attended an open house. Yes, an open house in South Jersey is worth your time, but it must be hosted well to be successful.

To make your South Jersey open house worth your time, here are 7 tips that will pull in potential buyers and get your home sold:

Utilize the latest technology

Believe it or not, there's an app for marketing your home and advertising your South Jersey open house. Your agent can advertise your open house on Realtor.com,  Trulia.com, Zillow,.com, and portals on Yahoo and Google. Make sure your agent uses the latest technology when he markets your house. Because 92% of home buyers search for homes online, your home must be online with a number of great, high-quality photos that represent your home well.

Before the latest technology, all of the information about a home used to be printed on print material. All of that information is available online now saving buyers and sellers time and money. Most of your visitors will have seen and researched your home online before attending your open house. Free real estate apps find and list every open house in South Jersey. Maps and directions for each open house, outstanding features, the asking price and numbers of bedrooms are included in the search results for your home. However, consider keeping a few printed brochures for those who may not have internet access.

Use good ol’ tried-and-true low-tech, too

Exactly one week before your open house, change your “For Sale” sign into an “Open House” sign. It won’t cost but a few dollars to purchase and print a “rider” from your nearest home improvement store. Cover “For Sale” with “Open House Saturday” and everyone driving by will know when they can stop by to view your home.

Let the neighbors participate

Your neighbors are some of your most important sales people for your home. You want them to come and visit during your open house. They are the scouts who want friends to move into your home. Consider distributing flyers to the 100 closest neighbors the day before your open house. Send email invites instead if you prefer.

Promote neutrality in your home

A neutral environment helps potential buyers see your home as theirs. To achieve neutrality, remove controversial items like an animal head or political photo of you. You might need to go as far as removing family photos and treasures on the refrigerator. However, some say there are potential buyers who want to connect with the humanity of a home lived in.

Whether you choose to go neutral or otherwise, one thing is certain, keep things clean, neat and updated. For example, keeping toilet lids down and getting rid of outdated, fuzzy lid covers will always be helpful.

By the way, if you have area rugs, remove them. You want buyers to see your floor. Rugs chop up floor space.

Get out of the way

Grab your kids and pets and get out of the way of your open house event. Let your agent take care of everything. There is no reason for you to be there. You want buyers to picture themselves in your home. If you, your kids and your animals are all there, it will be difficult for buyers to do that. Potential buyers want and need to speak freely about your home with each other or with your agent as they walk through. If you’re there, they can’t.

Before your open house begins, gather your pets’ food bowls, litter boxes and such like. Take these items with you when you “get out of the way.” If you cannot take them with you, put them somewhere in the garage or outside if you can. Just be sure they are in pristine condition and out of the way. Buyers don’t want to see evidences of pet ownership.

Play it safe

Think about it. Complete strangers will be coming and going in and out of your home for 2 or 3 hours. They will be meandering through cupboards and closets. Yes, items of worth and value have disappeared from homes during an open house, so play it safe.

Make sure your agent has a signup sheet for each visitor to sign in upon arrival. They should also show their driver’s license. If you choose to forego this precautionary measure, you run the risk of someone signing in with a fake name and ID number.

Your agent and whoever is helping with manning your open house, will tag along with guests as they tour your home. This is not a fail-safe method for all sticky fingering, but it will help to deter visitors with from stealing or possibly vandalizing your home.

Your home is not a gas station. No one should be using the bathrooms. No door should ever be closed during an open house. It’s an “open” house.

Make certain nothing worth taking is left in the medicine cabinets. Pharmaceutical theft is a big problem for some open houses. Empty your medicine cabinets and take the contents with you or lock those contents up.

Cash, jewelry, credit cards, bills, liquor, valuable collectibles and personal electronics should also go with you when you get out of the way. Better yet, lock them up, safely out of sight.Visit this link for more open house safety tips:Open House Safety Tips

Hold your open house during “off” hours

Most people choose to hold open houses on Saturdays and Sundays, from 1 pm to 3 pm or from 2 pm to 4 pm. Choosing the “off” hours from 3 pm to 5 pm is recommended as best. Why? There is less open-house competition during these hours. Also, if visitors are still looking at the end of the day between 3 pm and 5 pm, you’ll know you have some serious potential buyers attending your open house!

Your South Jersey open house is a marketing event. When an open house is conducted thoroughly and properly, your home will receive an offer. That’s why agents host open houses. An offer is what makes an open house successful. Trust your agent. Work with your agent. He has your best interest in mind, and he wants your home to sell, too.

When you want to find a buyer for your home, call Sam Lepore of Long and Foster Real Estate in South Jersey at (856) 297-6827. He knows how to host a successful open house that will pull in buyers and get your home sold. Trust Sam with every real estate need you have.

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