6 Things To Help Sell Your Home In South Jersey

Dated: 03/12/2015

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Spring is the best time to sell your South Jersey home. Homebuyers with cabin fever have been searching the housing market online and are looking to buy in April, May and June before interest rates begin climbing upward. New listings are flooding the housing market, so take time right now to help your home stand out to buyers. Make these 6 improvements to sell your home in South Jersey this spring.

Do a little yard work while it’s still cool outside

Make your home look fresher to buyers. When a buyer sees a home, they will know in about 60 seconds whether or not they will consider buying that home. A freshly manicured lawn will help your home stand out to buyers and sell your home in South Jersey.

  • Trim trees and bushes

  • Rake up the remainder of last year’s leaves and add some fresh mulch

  • Mow the lawn diagonally and trim the edges to make your yard appear larger

  • Pressure-wash the house, driveway, front walk and back patio

  • Purchase and plant some brightly colored flowers

  • Clean and repaint your front door and add a fresh, welcoming doormat

  • Don’t forget to wash all the windows inside and out

Spring selling tip: If your home has been on the market for a few months already, you may want to take it off the market for a few weeks and relist it so it looks fresh.

Consider placing your things in storage

Look through each closet and room in the house. Don't forget the garage. Ask yourself, "Do I really need that chair," for example. Ask this question with each item you see. Decide what should be kept, donated, sold or thrown away and start packing now. You’ll need to do this eventually when your home sells anyway.  Try the minimalist look.  You want your home to appear large and welcoming so visitors can see themselves living there.  Make sure you remove:

  • Magazines

  • Refrigerator artwork

  • Piles of paper all over your flat surfaces

  • Items around and in the kitchen sink

  • Knick-knacks and family pictures

  • Extra chairs and tables you don’t use

Your home should be kept as neat as possible while it is on the market.

Now that you are packed up, time to start spring cleaning

Is the clutter is gone? Unused possessions are sorted, organized and packed?  Now it’s time to clean.

  • Fireplace, if you have one

  • Cupboards

  • Walls and baseboards

  • Blinds and window dressings

  • Rugs

  • Consider a sofa cover if your couch has stains that you can’t remove

After the cleaning is finished, do a bit of staging to sell your South Jersey home this spring. Display:

  • Fresh cut flowers in vases

  • Throws and pillows in springtime colors

  • Make your bathroom look like an inviting resort with decorative soap and towel sets

Hide your pets' signs from buyers to sell your South Jersey home this spring

No one wants to buy a house that smells of pets. Clean the carpets. Open the windows. Air out the house. Check your drapes. Do they carry a pet order? Consider replacing them or have them cleaned. If your pets are small, such as a bird, hamster or fish, designate an area just for them. Keep them and all their things neat and clean in their designated area until your home sells.

Don’t forget to pick up the following items before an agent shows your home:

  • Toys

  • Scratching posts

  • Beds

  • Litter boxes

  • Food dishes

Make minor home improvements and repairs to sell your South Jersey home this spring

You don't want to take on a major renovation project major before you sell your South Jersey home this spring. Finish up any projects you started this winter and start making minor repairs and improvements. Minor repairs and improvements add value to your home.

  • Replace caulk and grout

  • Replace outdated ceiling fans and light fixtures

  • Replace switch plates, doorknobs and hardware

  • Replace carpets and polish your hardwood floors

  • Paint a neutral color on walls

  • Paint trim whether or not rooms need a new coat of paint

Inspect systems and make pre-inspection repairs before you sell your South Jersey home this spring

Inspect your interior systems and make sure they are working properly:

  • Heating

  • Ventilation

  • Air conditioning

  • Home security system

  • Smoke detectors

  • Fire alarm and extinguishers

  • Carbon monoxide alarms

  • Window seals

  • Water heater

Make pre-inspection repairs if you find any problems to sell your South Jersey home this spring. Fixing problems before a home inspection costs less than waiting for a buyer to request repairs. They might ask you to spend $300 for a repair that would normally cost you only $100. It just makes more sense financially to do the repairs yourself ahead of time. Make sure the electrical panel and plumbing are both up-to-date, too.

Then, call Sam Lepore to sell your South Jersey home this spring

Call the right listing agent. Thisis of utmost importance. Hiring the right listing agent will make a big difference in how quickly your home sells and how much of a profit you’ll see. Tosell your home in South Jersey this spring, hire Sam Lepore. Why Sam?

Sam is experienced, trustworthy. He has a deep, local knowledge and will create a skilled, professional marketing strategy for you. He will present you with a detailed market analysis and help you price your home right the first time. He can help you evaluate how fast your home will sell and how long it will take you to find a home. (Be sure to talk with a lender before listing your home).

As soon as Sam receives a signed listing agreement, he will start marketing your home online and in print. He will market your home with professional photos, a virtual tour and compelling description of your home's features on multiple websites.

He will let others know that your home will be coming on the market and will represent you well.

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