5 Home Technologies To Look Out For In 2017

Dated: 01/02/2017

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In 2017, your house will have a higher IQ than you do. Here are the five home technologies to watch for in 2017:

1. Smart thermostats

It can be a constant struggle to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. You want it to be cool in the summer without feeling like you're living in a refrigerator, and you want it to be warm in the winter without feeling like you're cooking yourself. We understand you, and we feel like these are pretty reasonable requests.

New Wi-Fi-connected thermostats can sync up with most HVAC systems and adjust the temperature in your home automatically. This not only keeps your home at a Goldilocks just-right atmosphere, but it also saves you money on your electric bill in the long run.

2. Smart maids

We know that when the Roomba was first introduced, everyone freaked out and bought one ā€” and then were swiftly disappointed when it didn't meet their Jetsons expectations. We're here to resuscitate your hope, sci-fi lovers. The Roomba's latest model is cleaning out the competition. The Roomba 980 connects to your Wi-Fi and is remote-controllable through an app on your smartphone.

Uh-oh, your in-laws say they're on their way over to your house, but you're still at work and didn't have time to clean up before you left this morning? No problem. Power your Roomba from your desk and tidy up without even lifting a finger. Well, almost.

3. Smart lighting

We know what you're thinking because we thought the same thing: Why do your lights need to be connected to the internet? That seems a little excessive.

OK, hear us out: Not only are your lights controllable from your iPhone or Android, but you can also schedule when you want your lights to turn on and off, or alter the brightness or color to set the mood. In seconds, your home can go from nightclub to nighttime. We think smart light bulbs are a bright idea.

4. Smart alarms

Smart alarms are the smarter, safer option for your home. Because your alarm is connected to the internet, it can alert you if it's been triggered even when you're not home. Oh, sure, it might have just been Fluffy setting off the motion sensor and causing a false commotion. Or it could be a burglar. Thanks to your smart alarm, you can stay away and out of harm's way.

5. Smart locks

Keys are so 2016. Go ahead and start making jewelry out of them because they're going to obsolete with this new technology: smart locks, the way of the future.

Imagine being able to unlock your front door from your car, using your phone. You'll never have to juggle your keys and your groceries to get into your home ever again. Wait ā€” did you forget to lock the front door? Now that question doesn't have to plague you during the workday. You can just get on your smart lock app and lock your door remotely.

Setting up your home with the latest technologies is a great way to make it more marketable to potential home buyers. If you need any further advice on what you can do to make your home more enticing, give us a ring.

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