21 Appealing Housing Trends For 2015

Dated: 04/22/2015

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The latest hot housing trends aren’t just fun. They can help set your home apart from others. They can cut down on maintenance or make your home greener. There are even techy new housing trends that can make a home smarter. And while it’s fun to be up to date with current housing trends, it’s wise to remember that updating your home should not exceed your needs or your budget.

  1. Shades of coral. Sherwin-Williams says Coral Reef (#6606) is 2015’s color of the year because it reflects the country’s optimism about the future. “It’s more youthful, yet still sophisticated,” says Jacki Jordan, the company’s director of color marketing.

  2. Spacious, open floor plans. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Removing walls creates “great rooms” for better togetherness. Lots of windows help to fuse the great outdoors with the indoors creating a feel of openness.

  3. Custom building plans. Many builders will adapt a home layout with updates to accommodate a buyer. They may charge to change to an open floor plan, add a second master suite, add more energy-efficient features or downsize the square footage though.

  4. Freestanding bathtubs. Although a freestanding bathtub complements other bathroom trends such as single wash basins or wall niches, they can be difficult to climb in and out of. This trend deserves some thought on everyday practicality.

  5. Quartzite countertops and tile. Quartzite is a hot contender with granite. Granite still appeals to buyers. But because quartzite resembles marble, doesn’t stain easily and is nearly indestructible, it is moving past last year’s favorite, quartz.

  6. Porcelain tile or plank flooring. Porcelain wears well. It’s great in high-traffic areas or in doorways where shoes bring in wet weather.

  7. Security systems. Security cameras and motion sensors have come down in price. Many can be installed and operated more easily now. An electrician isn’t needed to rewire the whole house since many systems are powered by batteries.

  8. Dedicated charging spaces. Electronic devices grow smaller and the use of Wi-Fi is grows larger creating less of a demand for a large desk or even a separate home office. But all our devices still need to be charged. The best places for charging stations are somewhere in the kitchen, where you enter the home when coming in from the garage or in the mud room. You can even build a charging station in a niche where everyone passes by each day.

  9. More than one master suite. Since households are becoming multi-generational, having more than one master suite makes a home work better for families. Grown children with or without families, aging parents and even out-of-town guests can move in and stay comfortably for a long or a short while.

  10. Fireplaces and fire pits. Fireplaces and fire pits are more accessible, more compact and have fewer ventilation concerns. Wood stoves are making a comeback.

  11. Systems that address environmental and health concerns. Better known as wellness systems, builders now offer holistic solutions such as:

  12. Heat recovery ventilation systems filter air continuously and use very little energy

  13. Lighting systems utilize sunlight

  14. Swimming pools built with a second adjacent pool with lots of plants and rocks keep water clean without using chlorine or salt

  15. Edible gardens

  16. Super storage. Homeowners want a place for everything and everything in its place. Suitable sized master suite walk-closets, super pantries in the kitchen and a multi-purpose room for laundry, crafts, sewing, ironing and wrapping gifts means less clutter in main areas.

  17. Outstanding garages. Yes, driveway material in the garage, temperature controls, glass doors, zones for home audiovisual controls and a pet washing station are part of this year’s housing trends.

  18. Keyless entry. Biometric fingerprint door locks with numerical algorithms put into a database let you enter your home without a key. Some systems will track who entered a home and at what time they did so.

  19. Water conservation. Tanks and cisterns that collect rainwater, graywater systems, watering stations that are controlled by the weather, permeable pavers, plants that tolerate drought and grasses that need little, if any, mowing are a housing trend this year because of California’s drought.

  20. Salon-style walls. This trend displays photos or art from floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall. To make it work well, use the same mat, color of frame or subject matter. Spacing each piece four to five inches apart, start at the center of your collage and at eye level. Work outward, then upward and downward.

  21. This year’s “it” metal is copper. People appreciate its warmth and industrial appeal displayed in large strips or thoughtfully in a few backsplash tiles, hanging fixtures or on the bottom of pots hanging from a rack.

  22. Return to just enough space. Although one trend is spacious and open floor plans, homes will return to a cozier scale of spacious and open. Rooms will have just enough room for a family to carry on a great conversation or play board games. Kitchens will downsize to one set of appliances, not as many countertops and smaller islands if the kitchen has one.

  23. Promotion of quality rest. This housing trend means taking care of yourself with luxury bedding, a great mattress, pillows with the right amount of fluff and calming scents for a great night’s sleep.

  24. White kitchens. White kitchens get a 5-star rating when it comes to housing trends this year. Yes, add a touch of 2015’s color of the year or other favorite colors, a little variation in textures to your white painted cabinets and bigger and bolder hardware, and your kitchen will be very on trend.

  25. Enjoying the yard. Last but not least is spending and enjoying time spent outdoors. Yards with pools may include showers. Hot tubs will have great roof decks for those living in city limits. Animal lovers will want private dog runs and wash stations for their pets.

These 21 housing trends will add fun, set your home apart, cut down on maintenance, make your home greener or smarter and certainly appeal to buyers this year.

If you’re in the market to buy this year, make your list of must-have housing trends and trends you would like to have in a home. Then, call Sam Lepore of Long and Foster in Moorestown, NJ, at856-297-6827. I will help you find a home with as many must-haves as you can afford and maybe even a few extras to enjoy.

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