10 Dos And Donts To Sell Your Home In South Jersey

Dated: 08/05/2015

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Most of the nation’s markets are improving, and it’s a sellers’ market. For home buyers, interest rates are historically low. This combined with increasing home prices makes selling your home a great financial move. What should you do or don’t do to sell your home in South Jersey?

1.      Don’t sell your home on your own

Save yourself the headache. You need an experienced real estate professional like Sam Lepore. Fact is, For Sale by Owner homes stay on the market longer and sell at a lower price than homes with professional representation. 5 Questions You Must Answer Before Choosing FSBO

2.     Don’t overprice or underprice your home in South Jersey

This is a biggie, folks. It’s crucial, yea, even critical that you listen to your real estate agent on this one. Sam understands what’s happening with home values in the local South Jersey market. He knows how the local market is behaving in South Jersey. He knows how to determine the best asking price sell your home.

3.     Do necessary repairs

Fix everything that needs repair before you list your home. If you don’t, you’ll lose money on the sale. It costs less to make repairs before listing your home in South Jersey than it does to have buyers see your home’s need for repairs when they walk through it. Don’t risk it! Make the repairs before you list your house. Keep prospective buyers from offering less or asking for a credit for work they want done before they will close. Home Repairs You Should Do Before Listing Your House; 9 Valuable Home Improvements To Sell Your South Jersey Home.

4.     Do declutter before listing your home in South Jersey

Get rid of the stuff that will eat your home equity and turn prospective buyers away.

Free countertops, closets and shelves of clutter. Create the wonder of spaciousness in your home for prospective buyers. Decluttering reaps BIG rewards when it’s time to sell your home in South Jersey. How To Clear The Clutter Before You List Your Home

5.     Don’t list an empty house

An empty house makes buyers feel empty. Dress or “stage” your South Jersey home. House-Selling Secrets Of A Home Stager.

6.     Don’t take negotiating personally

The home-buying process is one of the biggest business transactions of your life. Don’t lose out on creating a win-win deal, or the deal entirely, by taking negotiations personally. Set your ego aside and keep your head back in the business at hand.

7.     Do complete a full set of disclosures

If you’re aware of an issue with your home, disclose it. You’ll lose money if you are not upfront about disclosing your home’s flaws. You can count on the buyers finding problems themselves. Save yourself the time and money it will cost by disclosing your home’s imperfections.

8.     Do stick to the scheduled day of closing

A sale that misses closing on the scheduled closing date by even one day can cost you tens of thousands in extra taxes. Don’t make yourself a day late and many dollars short. Time the sale accordingly to see if any long-term capital gains tax breaks apply. Your accountant will know. Talk with him well in advance of determining the closing date.

9.     Don’t overlook extra expenses at closing

Before closing, request and confirm a list of fees and expenses. This will save you thousands of dollars, too. Before you turn the keys over to the new home owners, review the estimated closing cost statements with your real estate agent. There won’t be any discounts or credits on closing day if this step is overlooked.

10. Don’t use crummy photos to sell your home in South Jersey

iPhone photos aren’t all bad. It is possible to get some great photos with iPhone or iPad with some effort. But because more than 90% of all home buyers start their home search online, quality photos are a must! This is where you must make a great first impression of your home in South Jersey. A second chance to make a great first impression won’t happen. Make your home’s close-up count!

When you choose to work with Sam Lepore, you won’t need to know all the do's and don’ts to sell your home in South Jersey. Sam Lepore is an excellent agent. You can trust him to handle the home-selling process with knowledge and skill. Call Sam Lepore of Long and Foster at (856) 297-6827 today.

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