How To Make Potential Buyers Really WANT Your House

Dated: 09/05/2014

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There are many things that you can to do make your property appealing to buyers.  Below are ten things that will help you make buyers really WANT to buy your house:

•    Look at your entire house from the buyer’s prospective.  If you have trouble doing this, take pictures of it.  Take photos from the street and of the kitchen, living room and master bedroom.  These are the areas that matter most to buyers.
•    Give your house great curb appeal.  Make sure a potentials buyer’s first view of your house in inviting.  Hire a landscape company to clean up the grounds, trim the bushes and trees, also add mulch where needed.  You can also repaint the mailbox and add new house numbers.  These improvements hook the buyers the minute they pull up in front of your house.
•    Invest in the kitchen.  This is the room that really excites buyers.  Doing things like adding a new backsplash, putting a fresh coat of paint on the cabinets and adding  trendy pulls to the cabinets will bring your kitchen to life.  
•    Empty the closets by 50 percent.  When buyers look in your closets, less is definitely more.  If you reduce the contents of each closet by half, the buyer can actually see the storage space that is available. Rent a storage unit if you need to, but reduce each closet by half.
•    Make a focal point in every room.  A focal point helps visually draw the buyers into the room – the heart will follow the eyes.  Each room should have a feature that defines the space.
•    Keep furniture off the walls.  Move furniture out in the room and away from the walls.  If your house has too much furniture, eliminate some of it (another reason for a storage unit).  Make sure to put sofas and loveseats or chairs across from each other rather than in an L-shape.  This makes for a much more appealing conversation arrangement.
•    Make sure the house is in “move in” condition.  The potential buyer needs to feel that they can move right in and live their lives immediately after the purchase.  This also sends the message that the buyer will not have to spend a lot of time and money hiring and waiting for repairs to be made.
•    Keep all clutter to a minimum.  If the first space your buyer enters is clear and calm, it will set the scene for the rest of your house.  Also, if your rooms are too crowded with stuff, they will look smaller to the potential buyer.  Get rid of all piles, trinkets and other clutter.  Again, a storage unit is a great place to stash your stuff while showing your house.
•    Online appeal is important.  If you are putting your home for sale online, be sure to get the best photographs possible to appeal to potential buyers.  There are so many houses for sale on the internet that you need to have something in your photographs that makes people want to take a second look.  You will get a much better effect if you put on all of the lights and take photos in both daytime and night time.
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