5 Essentials Needed To Create The Ultimate Mom Cave

Dated: 05/08/2015

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What is a mom cave? It’s NOT the kitchen! New York designer Elaine Griffin defines a mom cave as “a space where the woman who nurtures everyone can go to nurture herself.” Woman caves or mom caves, whatever you prefer to call them, are just what the doctor ordered for Mom. Women need time to unwind, relax and retreat, because as nurturers, they often neglect to care for themselves.

What turns a room into a retreat? What does it take to make a mom cave for Mom? Certain items and as many personal touches as possible will make any space a mom cave. Here are 5 essentials needed to create the ultimate mom cave:

“You” Items

Mom needs “You” items to make her mom cave unique to her and to represent her own personality and style. Positive quotes displayed as paintings, on a poster or even hand-written on a note card can be displayed, big or small. DIY projects such as quilts or cross-stitching she has completed, her favorite photos of those she loves and places she has been or wishes to visit someday are a few more really great ideas. Creating a salon wall with her favorite personal items in matching frames is a beautiful way to turn a room into a mom cave that is uniquely her.

Lots of Storage

And who doesn’t want lots of storage! A mom cave cannot be a spacious retreat without lots of storage and drawers. A room free of clutter is a retreat. A mom cave must have lots of storage for clothes, shoes, books and clutter. It must have a place for everything and everything must be in its place for mom to be able to relax and get away from it all.

Creative Work Space

Mom needs a specific place to call her own to create, craft, sew, design, respond to email, to work. The dining room table just doesn’t cut it. A home office would make the perfect mom cave, as a matter of fact.

A Peaceful or Calming Aura

Picture this in a mom cave: candles, flowers, diffusers and essential oils, comforting pillows and a warm throw, fireplace, welcoming colors, silk linens, even exercise equipment. Things that soothe tension and ease stress are very important and essential in a mom cave.

A Nook or Super Comfortable Place to Sit

Escaping to another world in a good book or reading articles that have been piling up is a wonderful way to relieve stress. Having an extremely comfortable place to sit with good lighting is important to fully enjoy a relaxing read. Use materials made from natural fibers rather than synthetic fibers for even more comfort.

If you’d like to transform a room into a mom cave or add a brand new room to your home for Mom, this basement cost estimator will help you see how much you can expect to pay.  http://www.improvenet.com/r/costs-and-prices/basement-cost-estimator

These sites share pictures of mom caves that will give ideas to design the perfect mom cave:




If a home with a mom cave or a room that can be transformed into one is on your list of wants or needs for your next home, call Sam Lepore of Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. at (856) 297-6827. He will help you find the perfect place to indulge Mom’s every whim to relax and get away in.

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