4 Advantages Of Buying A South Jersey Home In The Fall

Dated: 09/30/2015

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There are annual ups-and-downs in the South Jersey real estate market. Those ups-and downs are determined by three factors:

How high or low mortgage interest rates are

The availability of homes to buy

Which season of the year it is

Spring is typically the busiest season for selling and buying a South Jersey home. Fall follows in second place. Let’s look into 4 advantages of buying a South Jersey home in the fall that could be worth looking into.

Year-end tax breaks

Cooler weather for moving

Getting settled for a new school year

Lots of homes for sale to choose from

Generate Year-End Tax Breaks For Buying A South Jersey Home In The Fall

You can generate year-end tax break advantages by buying a South Jersey home in the fall. As a new homeowner, you’ll be able to deduct mortgage interest and property taxes from your gross income. You can deduct any interest paid before your first mortgage payment is due if you close your loan before December 31st.

Move In The Fall When The Weather Is Cooler

You must admit, buying a South Jersey home in the fall before a winter freeze or snowstorm is quite appealing. Who wants to fight with icy roads, freezing gusts of wind mixed blinding snow or even power outages while loading or unloading a moving truck? No one does. But who wants to move on an extremely hot, muggy summer day either? Yes, buying a South Jersey home in the fall is great for perfect weather for moving.

Be Prepared For A New School Year And The Holidays

If you’re moving with kids who are still in school, summer is the best season for buying a South Jersey home. Fall follows the summer as the second best season for being the least disruptive to school-aged children. Moving in the fall gives kids enough time to establish friendships, settle in with a new school and still be able to get involved in extra-curricular activities by the time winter arrives. You’ll also have time to unpack and settle your home in time to prepare for Thanksgiving and all of the Christmastime festivities.

Enjoy Lots Of Homes For Sale To Choose From

While the availability of South Jersey homes for sale is lower than the availability of homes for sale in the spring, it is still high. And when there are a lot of homes for sale, there can be a lot of competition, too. Prospective homebuyers and sellers in the fall want to get the process completed quickly. Prospective homebuyers and sellers in the spring do more window shopping.

If homes on the South Jersey real estate market are selling quickly, you may feel pressured to act quickly. It is wise to check in with your real estate agent often to stay abreast of frequently updated listings and open houses. There could be several open houses that you may want to visit in one day alone. Don’t miss out on your dream home, and be prepared to deal with some competition.

Don’t be intimidated about buying a South Jersey home in the fall. It’s a great time to buy. You may feel pressured to place a bid on a home that you cannot comfortably afford to pay for each month once the closing contract is signed, but don’t do it. Instead, work with and listen to your real estate agent at Long and Foster Real Estate. Sam Lepore can help you find a home that is in your price range that you can realistically afford. With Sam Lepore and pre-qualification for a loan on your side, you’ll be well prepared to enter the fall real estate market confidently. Stick to your budget and hold out for the best home for your family.

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